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The anxiety of the unknown can be reversed through seeing the impossible.  It is only the known that has limits.  Only the known is marked with boundaries, therefore set your vision,  standards, and quotas, on what has not yet happened.   Believe in the impossible!

Paul Jerone Jones is a visionary thinker who has excelled in a plethora of venues in the business arena.  Paul is the current owner of Pjerone Music LLC.  It is a music company that focuses on producing positive music in all genres.  A focal point of his music is to  motivate positive change.  It is through positive music that even your worst day can become your best. He  is currently registered as a song writer and publisher with ASCAP.  In 2012, Paul established For Quality Music Group.  For Quality was established to recruit and retain upcoming talented artists across a variety of musical genres. Since its induction, For Quality has established its reputation on providing a musical blend that exhibits the ability to connect with various age groups and audiences on a wide-range of topics. In addition to writing and producing music that reaches a wide-range of audiences, Paul also spends his time motivating others through  mentoring.  He believes the best investment we can make is in people. Paul’s background in service and sales has afforded him with experience in motivating and connecting with varied listeners.

Paul  is currently one of the assistant service managers of Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando. His experience has led him to explore various endeavors that have proven success.  Paul has 17 years of extensive experience in automotive sales and service.  He is proficient at meeting targeted sales growth and customer satisfaction expectations.

It is stated that a journey begins with a single step, but the true journey begins with the belief that you can take the first step.  I welcome you to possibilities without limit.  My name is Paul Jerone Jones and where can I help you begin?

Paul Jerone Jones is a visionary thinker who has excelled in a plethora of venues in the business arena. Paul is the current owner of Pjerone Music LLC.

My name is Paul Jerone Jones endless possibilities begin now.


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